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Day 308 – At Sea

Posted in Greece on November 12, 2011 by jpomio

We enjoyed a wonderful day at sea today. After attending an interesting presentation and a morning Cha Cha class, we feasted on a delicious lunch buffet. In the afternoon we enjoyed the swimming pool, hot tub, and live music. Dinner was fabulous as always and the evening headline show featured a very talented Russian violinist who sounded great.


Day 307 – Piraeus (Athens), Greece

Posted in Greece on November 12, 2011 by jpomio

This morning our ship arrived in Piraeus, a gateway to the historic Acropolis in Athens. Since Ryan and I had already explored Athens earlier during our travels, we decided to spend the day relaxing. We did get off the ship for a couple of hours in search of Wifi, which we found at the port terminal. After we got caught up on our digital lives, we returned to the ship and had a wonderful time aboard.  Ryan is completely addicted to the hot tub while I can’t get enough of the entertainment (live music, dance lessons, shows, etc.).


Day 294 – Samos Island, Greece

Posted in Greece on October 28, 2011 by jpomio

This afternoon we were planning on catching a local bus to Kokarri, a nearby beach town. After waiting on the bus for about 30 minutes, we realized that public transportation was not operating. We were informed by the locals that today is a Greek holiday and that all of the restaurants and local establishments were participating in a European wide strike. Samos City was basically a ghost town for the entire day. Naturally we headed to the beach where we spent hours sunbathing and relaxing in the most tranquil setting. We basically had the entire beach to ourselves which was wonderful. Later on we hiked up a nearby cliff for some beautiful views.

(Various scenes from Samos)




Day 293 – Samos Island, Greece

Posted in Greece on October 27, 2011 by jpomio

We arrived on beautiful Samos Island this morning after an exhausting overnight ferry ride. The waters were quite choppy last night due to a storm so we had a difficult time sleeping. Fortunately Samos is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Today we enjoyed a laid back day of sightseeing and lounging around on Samos’s beautiful Mediterranean shores. Samos City is a complete contrast from Athens. Samos is very clean, well maintained, and charming at every turn.

(View of Samos from the ferry)


(Samos’s beautiful beaches)


(Samos City – Vathi)


Day 292 – Athens, Greece

Posted in Greece on October 26, 2011 by jpomio

After checking out of our hotel at noon, we put our bags in storage and went out to enjoy our last day in Athens. I am happy to report that public transportation is back in full operation today. This afternoon we visited the Greek ruins of Kerameikos. Kerameikos was the official cemetery of ancient Athens (dating back to the Prehistoric period). Next to the Kerameikos archaeological site is a wonderful museum which houses an incredible collection of tombstones, vases, grave offerings, jewelry, pottery, and many other interesting artifacts. It was fascinating to see this collection and to learn about ancient funerary rituals. Tonight we are hopping on an overnight ferry to a beautiful Greek island called Samos.



(Museum of Kerameikos)




Day 291 – Athens, Greece

Posted in Greece on October 25, 2011 by jpomio

As we were leaving our hotel this afternoon, we were informed by our receptionist that all public transportation was shut down for the day due to strikes. So taking the metro anywhere today was not an option. Fortunately our hotel is within walking distance to all of the major tourist attractions so we were able to continue our day as planned. We took a LONG walk to the New Acropolis Museum and spent many hours there. The museum is incredible! It is extremely well curated and it houses an amazing collection of ancient Greek statues and artifacts (including original pieces of the Parthenon). I wish I had pictures of the exhibits to share but photography was strictly forbidden.

(Public transportation strike in Ethnikis Andistassis Square)


(Central Market)


(Local churches we passed by on our way to the museum)


(Ancient Greek ruins in Plaka)


(Shops in Plaka)


(New Acropolis Museum)


Day 290 – Athens, Greece

Posted in Greece on October 24, 2011 by jpomio

Our original plan was to take a ferry to Samos this evening but we had to adjust our itinerary due to the recent port strikes. Since the next available ferry to Samos is on Wednesday evening, we have gained two additional days in Athens. Earlier this afternoon we got a chance to see a part of Athens quite a bit away from the city center and I’m happy to report that there ARE nice neighborhoods in Athens. We proceeded to visit the New Acropolis Museum only to find out it was closed on Mondays. I guess we’ve got an activity for tomorrow, which is good given our additional time here. Close to the museum are the ruins of the Theatre of Dionysos so we decided to explore this ancient Greek site. Later on we walked through Plaka where we browsed through various souvenir shops. On a different note, we bought the most delicious grapes in Monastiraki square this evening. I’m feasting on them at this very moment and they are incredible!

(Theatre of Dionysos)

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