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Day 179 – Hong Kong, China (In Transit to Europe)

Posted in China on July 5, 2011 by jpomio

We said goodbye to South Korea today and hopped on a flight to Hong Kong. Our three hour flight on Air India zipped by very quickly. We enjoyed a delicious chicken curry dish in flight which brought back some great memories from our visit to India. Upon arriving in Hong Kong, we took the airport express train to Kowloon where we were able to do an early check-in for our 7:35am flight to London. We spent the evening in Kowloon walking through the night market and then admiring the stunning skyline of Hong Kong Island. Now we’re burning the midnight fuel at Hong Kong airport waiting for our flight to London. Europe here we come!!!

(Hong Kong from mid air)




(Hong Kong Island’s Skyline)


Day 95 – Xining, China

Posted in China on April 10, 2011 by jpomio

Since we saw pretty much everything there is to see in Xining yesterday, today was devoted to relaxation. We slept in, finished our laundry, and began filing our 2010 tax returns (blah). Since many websites are blocked in China (due to the “Great Firewall of China”) we were glad that H&R Block’s site was accessible. Tomorrow afternoon we’re heading to Tibet so we’re very EXCITED!!!!

Day 94 – Xining, China

Posted in China on April 9, 2011 by jpomio

We arrived in Xining this morning by train. Although Xining is not a major tourist destination, we decided to spend a couple of days here for the purpose of getting acclimated to a higher altitude prior to visiting Tibet. Xining is a smaller Chinese city; relatively speaking (it is home to around 2.2 million people). We explored the city by foot today and then spent the evening swapping stories with fellow travelers we met at our hostel.


Day 93 – Xian, China

Posted in China on April 8, 2011 by jpomio

We spent our last day in Xian exploring the city by foot. Some say that you have not been to China until you’ve visited Xian. After walking through the ShuYuan Ancient Street and the Muslim Quarter today, I may have to agree. These areas were bustling with local food, crafts, and culture. Tonight we depart Xian by train and head for our next destination, Xining.

(Bell Tower)


(Drum Tower)


(ShuYuan Ancient Street)


(The South Gate of the city walls)


(Muslim Quarter)


(A sign on a local children’s school…)


Day 92 – Xian, China (Terracotta Army)

Posted in China on April 7, 2011 by jpomio

Despite being totally exhausted from our train ride last night, today we visited Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum (since we only have two days to explore Xian). There we saw the “Eight Wonder of the World”, the world famous Terracotta Army. What an amazing site! A lot of the ancient artifacts are still unexcavated. There were three pits which showcased the terracotta warriors at different stages of excavation (pit #1 was the most impressive). The Terracotta Army dates back over 2,000 years and is a rich part of China’s history.


(Pit #3)


(Pit #2)


(Pit #1)


Day 91 – Goodbye Beijing, hello Xian!

Posted in China on April 6, 2011 by jpomio

The whole day today was devoted to transit. We departed Beijing on a train in the mid afternoon and arrived in Xian before sunrise. Although the trains we’ve been taking in China are sleeper trains, Ryan and I are having a hard time actually sleeping on them. We’re a little exhausted this morning.

(Sunset over rural China – view along our train ride)


Day 90 – Ryan’s Birthday in Beijing, China

Posted in China on April 5, 2011 by jpomio

Today is my husband’s Birthday! We began the day by taking the metro to the train station to purchase our tickets to Lhasa. Although it will be quite expensive, we are extremely excited about our upcoming adventure to Tibet. Upon securing our tickets, we headed to The Summer Palace where we had a lovely day. The Summer Palace is a former summer retreat of the royals. It is a UNESCO site situated on a beautiful lake. After exploring the Palace’s magnificent gardens, we hopped on the metro to visit Beijing’s Olympic Park. The Beijing National Stadium (a.k.a “the bird nest”) is a VERY cool structure.

(The Summer Palace complex)


(Birthday boy at the Olympic Park)