Jolanta Pomiotlo helps organizations manage their strategic business and technology initiatives toward successful completion. She has extensive experience optimizing projects for cost, quality, timely delivery, and a demonstrated understanding of project management, team management, planning, budgeting, scheduling, change control, and risk management. Jolanta has successfully directed enterprise system implementations and the development of custom applications throughout various project life cycle stages. She has focused her professional career on assisting companies to leverage technology to meet their ever-changing Business demands.

Jolanta is highly proficient in software development methodology and industry best practices. She has a software development background and has worked with many programming languages. Jolanta’s strong interpersonal and communication skills combined with her business acumen permits her to effectively engage non-technical team members. She is able to bridge the gap between the business and technology teams. Her understanding of all business functions and aptitude for translating business requirements into system solutions have resulted in the successful completion of many key projects.

Jolanta received her Bachelor of Science with Honors in Applied Computer Science from Illinois State University and her Master of Business Administration from Northern Illinois University. She continues to embrace professional development opportunities by being an active member of the NIU Executive Club and by attending training seminars on Leadership, Business Process Improvement, and Project Management. Jolanta keeps abreast of the latest innovations in the technology field and closely follows recent market trends in the business community.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Len Green Says:

    Hi-like your latest updates. I was due to fly to Tokyo the day of the ‘quake. My flight was cancelled and we are now going to Hong Kong Apr 15-21 to train Groupon folk there.
    Where will you be then?

    • Hi Len… thanks for following my blog. I’m so sorry to hear about your cancelled plans to Tokyo. We too had to alter our travel plans. We were supposed to be in Japan this month but we pushed it back by a couple of months. If the nuclear situation does not improve there in the next few months, we might skip it altogether. I have a flight out of Hong Kong to Delhi on April 18th (in the PM) so I will very likely be in Hong Kong on the 17th and the 18th. It would be so great to see you!!!

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