Day 352 – Bavaro, Dominican Republic (Punta Cana)

This morning we left Santo Domingo and hopped on a bus heading to Bavaro. Our four hour bus ride zipped by fairly quickly. Upon arriving in Bavaro, we checked into our condo and then headed to the beach to spend Christmas Day in paradise. We were actually quite surprised at how many other people had the same idea because the beach was filled with tourists and locals soaking up the sun. Ryan and I are really looking forward to being beach bums over the next 6 days. The beaches in Bavaro are absolutely gorgeous!

(Christmas in Paradise – scenes from Bavaro)


(A few scenes from Santo Domingo)



2 Responses to “Day 352 – Bavaro, Dominican Republic (Punta Cana)”

  1. The beach looks like a welcome sight! While today was bright and sunny, with a high in the mid-40’s, we might get some snow in the wee hours of the morning. Bummer! Is Ryan going to be a lobster again?

    • I’m so glad you guys are enjoying warmer weather… bummer about the coming snow.

      LOL… I will try my best to keep Ryan from becoming a lobster 🙂

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