Day 340 – Barcelona, Spain

We began exploring Barcelona this afternoon. From what we have seen today, we absolutely LOVE this city. Barcelona is an exciting metropolis filled with incredible architecture, a rich history, and vibrant businesses. Ryan and I really enjoyed strolling through the Gothic quarter and visiting the surrounding areas. Because there is just so much to see, I hope that the three days that we’ve allocated to Barcelona are enough.

(Gothic quarter)




(Catedral’s cloister)


(Santa Maria del Mar)


(Parc de la Ciutadella)


(Arc de Triomf)


(Palau de la Musica Catalana)


(Various scenes from Barcelona)


(Churros con chocolate)


(Mercat Boqueria)




2 Responses to “Day 340 – Barcelona, Spain”

  1. It seems that you have found a treasure trove of a city! How interesting!

    • Barcelona is a wonderful city… Spain continues to pleasantly surprise us. Please send our love to Pat… we’re so sad to hear of the recent news 😦

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