Day 339 – Tarragona, Spain

This morning we said “adios” to Valencia and hopped on a train to Tarragona. Since Tarragona is along the way to Barcelona (our next destination), we decided to stop along our route to explore the city’s rich Roman history. Upon arrival in Tarragona we put our bags in storage and headed towards the city center for the day where we explored ancient Roman ruins and enjoyed Tarragona’s small city vibe. In the late evening we picked up our bags and got on a train heading to Barcelona.

(Roman ruins – 1st Century AD)

IMG_3170IMG_3171CircusIMG_3172IMG_3175AmphitheatreIMG_3185Forum wallIMG_3201Roman city wallsIMG_3202



(Various scenes from Tarragona)



4 Responses to “Day 339 – Tarragona, Spain”

  1. These Roman ruins don’t seem as well-preserved as other areas, but it never ceases to amaze me that they still exist!

    • True… but it’s still wonderful to see the remains of buildings constructed almost 2000 year ago. It’s interesting to fathom how some of these structures were utilized back in the days (the circus, the amphitheater, etc.). Augustus wintered in Tarragona… it was a rich city in the vast Roman Empire.

  2. I like the pictures – I will put Tarragona on my ‘must visit’ list

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