Day 336 – Granada, Spain

We continued to explore beautiful Granada today. Although the weather was a bit cold and overcast, we marched on to visit the alluring Alhambra (the most visited site in all of Spain). Since our tickets were not valid until 2:00pm, we walked around Granada’s city center prior to hiking up a hill to the Alhambra. The Alhambra is quite massive. We spent almost four hours exploring the complex’s many exquisite gardens, palaces, and fortifications. It is an absolutely stunning place! The pictures below DO NOT do it justice.

(Alhambra – construction began in 1238 A.D.)


(Views of Granada from the Alhambra)


(Various scenes from Granada)



4 Responses to “Day 336 – Granada, Spain”

  1. Alhambra is stunning! I’m glad that you were able to see it!

    Ryan’s next job: comedian! LOL

    • Thanks aunt Jan… we too were glad we were able to procure tickets. I guess the site is extremely busy even during the low season.

      Yes, your nephew does have an excellent sense of humor… it’s just one of the reasons I love him 🙂

  2. Nancy Chavez Says:

    This place is stunning! Again, thank you for sharing your adventure with us… to see all over the world through a friend’s eye is priceless 🙂

    • You are very welcome Nancy… I’m so glad that through technology I am able to share the journey. Miss you…love you! Have a wonderful Holiday Season! 🙂

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