Day 330 – Marrakech, Morocco

Today we began exploring Marrakech. Per the recommendation of our guidebook, we headed to and lost ourselves in Marrakech’s Medina (the old part of the city). The Medina area is a hectic maze of small winding roads lined with tons of shops, old houses, and countless mosques which have beautiful doors and entrances. In general, Ryan and I are not too enamored with Marrakech. The air quality is absolutely horrible due to gas exhaust from older cars and the millions of old motorcycles that fill the metropolis. Further, the city is extremely chaotic so it is difficult to just relax without fear of getting run over by something (a motorcycle, a car, a donkey, a horse, a bicycle, a person pushing a cart, you name it).

(La Koutoubia)


(Royal Theatre)


(Various scenes from Marrakech)





2 Responses to “Day 330 – Marrakech, Morocco”

  1. By your comments, I guess that Marrakech will not be on the “repeat” list! It looks a bit chaotic, somewhat like parts of India.

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