Day 326 – Seville, Spain

We decided to spend an extra day in Seville as we ironed out our plans for Morocco. Today was a very relaxing day at a slow place. We slept in, finalized our itinerary for next week, and continued to leisurely explore Seville. As part of our sightseeing, we visited the northern part of the city which is home to Parlamento de Andalucia and the remains of the old city walls. Later we returned to the heart of the city where we enjoyed the ambiance of Barrio de Santa Cruz.

(Parlamento de Andalucia)


(Murallas – old city walls)


(Various scenes from Seville)



4 Responses to “Day 326 – Seville, Spain”

  1. I hope that Ryan doesn’t stay there long enough to become “one of them!” LOL

  2. Nancy Chavez Says:

    Spain is such a beautiful country!

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