Day 323 – Seville, Spain

We began exploring Seville this afternoon, a beautiful Spanish city which is exceeding our wildest expectations. After enjoying a delicious lunch (the tapas here are AMAZING), we visited the Catedral where Christopher Columbus is buried. The Seville Catedral is the largest cathedral in the world by volume. Over the course of the day we did a ton of walking through the various parts of the city. I especially fell in love with Plaza Espana where an abundance of beautiful Spanish tiles are used to decorate the Plaza.

(Catedral y Giralda)


(Plaza de la Encarnacion)


(Plaza del Salvador)


(Various scenes from Seville)


(Plaza Espana)





2 Responses to “Day 323 – Seville, Spain”

  1. Evidently, the tapas weren’t enough for the last couple! LOL

    Seville looks amazing, as you said! Are you polishing your Spanish?

    • LOL…

      Ryan and I love the fact that we can understand basic Spanish. It has been extremely helpful thus far as we have found that many Spaniards don’t speak English.

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