Day 322 – In transit to Spain

This morning we SADLY said goodbye to Lisbon and to our incredibly gracious host Alvaro. We then hopped on a bus heading to Faro. Three hours later, we arrived in Faro where we had a couple of hours to grab lunch and to explore the old city prior to the next leg of our trip (a long bus ride to Seville). Our first coach bus had WIFI onboard so we were able to entertain ourselves during a part of our long journey. Although we spent most of the day in transit, it was wonderful to see charming Faro. Upon our evening arrival in Seville, we went out for a very late tapas dinner and a midnight flamenco performance which was incredible.

(Various scenes from Faro, Portugal)



4 Responses to “Day 322 – In transit to Spain”

  1. Faro looks interesting! However, those cobblestones would tire me out!

  2. vernon &evelyn jack Says:

    You sure know how to start an after dinner conversation. How did you time it that close? congratulations. Missed you but felt you were near.

    • Thanks grandpa… we figured we would share the good news when all of our family members were gathered for Thanksgiving. We truly missed you and aunt Jan’s amazing turkey feast this year.

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