Day 318 – Lisbon, Portugal

We continued to explore beautiful Lisbon this afternoon. First we visited the Belem area, which is home to the exquisite Mosterio dos Jeronimos. Unfortunately we did not get a chance to go inside this impressive structure as it is closed on Mondays. Next we walked over to the river front to admire the Torre de Belem and Padrao dos Descobrimentos. After enjoying some delicious Pasteis de Belem, we headed back to the city center. Lisbon is filled with so much beautiful architecture. Buildings such as the Rossio train station truly leave an impression on a tourist. In the evening we went out for a yummy Portuguese dinner with our friend Alvaro and his friend Xavier. It is a real treat to be in a lovely foreign city in such good company.

(Mosteiro dos Jeronimos – 1459 AD)


(Torre de Belem – early 16th century)


(Padrao dos Descobrimentos)


(Memorial at Forte do Bom Sucesso)


(Rossio train station)


(Igreja de Sao Domingos)


(Various scenes from Lisbon)


(Pasteis de Belem)


(Roasted chestnuts – the Portuguese LOVE eating these in the colder months)



2 Responses to “Day 318 – Lisbon, Portugal”

  1. The architecture is, indeed, marvelous!

    I’m beginning to wonder if some of the buildings erected in the 1400’s in Lisbon were influenced by the explorers of and/or travelers to Paris. There seem to be several similarities.

    The pastries look yummy! We’re glad that you’ve had a friend with whom to share some time and experiences! What fun!

    • Thanks aunt Jan 🙂

      In 1755, there was a massive earthquake which practically destroyed most of Lisbon. From what our friend Alvaro tells us, the French did play an influential role in Portugal but I’m not exactly sure of the timing. I assume it was during Napoleon’s invasion.

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