Day 311 – Cagliari, Italy (Sardinia)

Our vessel docked in Cagliari at 10:00am this morning. We put on our “explorer clothes” and climbed up to the top of the Castello district, the oldest area of the city. There we admired the Cattedrale di Santa Maria and enjoyed some beautiful aerial views. Cagliari is a popular vacation destination for Italians who come to enjoy its white sandy beaches. Ryan and I had a wonderful time discovering this classic Italian destination on the Mediterranean.

(Cattedrale di Santa Maria)


(Palazzo Viceregio)


(The Castello district)


(Old city walls)


(Views of Cagliari from Castello)


(Anfiteatro Romano – 2nd century AD)


(Various scenes from Cagliari)





2 Responses to “Day 311 – Cagliari, Italy (Sardinia)”

  1. Beautiful!!!

    It looks as if the theater is being used, right? It appears to be in magnificent shape, with modern safety rails, stairs, etc., installed.

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