Day 305 – Istanbul, Turkey

Since our ship set sail at 2:00pm, we had to wake up pretty early today to “seize the morning” and conclude our sightseeing of Istanbul. There was one more part of this amazing Turkish city which we wanted to explore before officially saying goodbye. We got our morning exercise by climbing up a hill to see the Galata Tower. Next we strolled down Istiklal Avenue and visited Saint Antoine Church and Taksim Square. We concluded our exploration by hiking back downhill to see the Dolmabahce Palace (although we did not have enough time to go inside). After a delightful morning of sightseeing, we got back on the ship where we enjoyed an abundance of AMAZING cuisine and entertainment.

(Galata Tower – 1384 AD)


(Saint Antoine Church)


(Dolmabahce Palace)


(Various scenes from Istanbul)




(“Cruising” on Vision of the Seas)



6 Responses to “Day 305 – Istanbul, Turkey”

  1. vernon &evelyn jack Says:

    I didn’t know you had dress cloths in that knapsck. thanks again for setting me up so good. One button and here you are.

    • We had to buy Ryan a dress shirt and a tie for “formal nights”. We dressed up as best as we could given our limited wardrobe. Miss you love you!

  2. I was just thinking the same thing as Vernon & Evelyn Jack…you managed to pack so many outfits in your backpack!

    Was the cruise part of the original plan?

    Take care

    • Hey Bon Bon! No it was not… we cancelled Egypt & Jordan due to the political unrest there… and we booked a cruise instead. We bought Ryan a dress shirt and tie before we got on the ship. The good news is that most nights are casual. We’re currently in Malta and I can’t stop thinking of you! I recall all of the pictures you showed us from your Malta work trip a while back ago 🙂 Miss you love you…

  3. Don’t even think that I’m going to fold towels in the shape of elephants when you visit!!! LOL

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