Day 299 – Troy, Turkey

This afternoon we took a day trip to Troy (Truva) where we explored the Troia Archaeological Site. Since Truva is located just 35 kilometers from Canakkale, we had an easy time getting there via a local mini-van bus (dolmus). As we discovered the ancient ruins of Troy, we learned many fascinating things about this historic city. The archaeological site of Troy is like an onion comprised of nine layers. Successive versions of the city were built on top of the previous buildings. The wind brought wealth to Troy because it blew ships in its direction making it an easy trading point in the time before sailing technology enabled sailing against the wind. The city was supposedly founded about 5,000 years ago and it was immortalized by Homer’s epic story ‘The Iliad’ (set during the Trojan War – 1200 BC).

(Troy Archaeological Site)





2 Responses to “Day 299 – Troy, Turkey”

  1. The Trojan Horse looks like an over-grown bunk house!

    Fascinating history! Thanks!

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