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Day 326 – Seville, Spain

Posted in Spain on November 29, 2011 by jpomio

We decided to spend an extra day in Seville as we ironed out our plans for Morocco. Today was a very relaxing day at a slow place. We slept in, finalized our itinerary for next week, and continued to leisurely explore Seville. As part of our sightseeing, we visited the northern part of the city which is home to Parlamento de Andalucia and the remains of the old city walls. Later we returned to the heart of the city where we enjoyed the ambiance of Barrio de Santa Cruz.

(Parlamento de Andalucia)


(Murallas – old city walls)


(Various scenes from Seville)


Day 325 – Cordoba, Spain

Posted in Spain on November 28, 2011 by jpomio

Today we took a day trip to Cordoba, an absolutely charming Spanish city with a rich history. Awaking super early this morning to catch our 9:05am train, we were a bit tired but excited to explore this UNESCO World Heritage city. Upon arriving in Cordoba, we began our walking tour. A major highlight of the day was visiting Mezquita Catedral (also known as the Mosque Cathedral). This majestic structure displays a beautiful fusion of Islamic and Christian architectural elements. The building is simply stunning!


(Mezquita Catedral)




(Various scenes from Cordoba)


Day 324 – Seville, Spain

Posted in Spain on November 27, 2011 by jpomio

Today we continued to explore beautiful Seville. In our typical fashion, we toured the city on foot. First we visited the riverfront where we saw Seville’s bull fighting arena (Plaza Torros Maestranza) and Torre del Oro. Next we walked over to the heart of the city where we once again admired Real Alcazar and the Catedral. My favorite part of Seville is Barrio de Santa Cruz, a charming old area of the city with narrow winding roads and adorable cafes, restaurants, and shops.

(Plaza Torros Maestranza)


(Torre del Oro)


(Real Alcazar)


(Various scenes form Seville)




Day 323 – Seville, Spain

Posted in Spain on November 26, 2011 by jpomio

We began exploring Seville this afternoon, a beautiful Spanish city which is exceeding our wildest expectations. After enjoying a delicious lunch (the tapas here are AMAZING), we visited the Catedral where Christopher Columbus is buried. The Seville Catedral is the largest cathedral in the world by volume. Over the course of the day we did a ton of walking through the various parts of the city. I especially fell in love with Plaza Espana where an abundance of beautiful Spanish tiles are used to decorate the Plaza.

(Catedral y Giralda)


(Plaza de la Encarnacion)


(Plaza del Salvador)


(Various scenes from Seville)


(Plaza Espana)




Day 322 – In transit to Spain

Posted in Portugal on November 25, 2011 by jpomio

This morning we SADLY said goodbye to Lisbon and to our incredibly gracious host Alvaro. We then hopped on a bus heading to Faro. Three hours later, we arrived in Faro where we had a couple of hours to grab lunch and to explore the old city prior to the next leg of our trip (a long bus ride to Seville). Our first coach bus had WIFI onboard so we were able to entertain ourselves during a part of our long journey. Although we spent most of the day in transit, it was wonderful to see charming Faro. Upon our evening arrival in Seville, we went out for a very late tapas dinner and a midnight flamenco performance which was incredible.

(Various scenes from Faro, Portugal)


Day 321 – Lisbon, Portugal

Posted in Portugal on November 24, 2011 by jpomio

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We spent our last full day in Portugal relaxing and being thankful for the many blessings in our lives. Since the country was participating in a general strike all day, none of the public transportation was operating. Taking full advantage of our “free day”, we slept in, finally went to the barber to get Ryan’s haircut, and went out to the movies. In the evening, we enjoyed a delicious Portuguese dinner with our friend Alvaro and his girlfriend. We are so very thankful for such wonderful friends.

Day 320 – Sintra, Portugal

Posted in Portugal on November 23, 2011 by jpomio

We took a day trip to Sintra today. Our 40 minute train ride from Lisbon to Sintra was pleasantly comfortable. Blessed with pure sunshine and warmer weather, we explored Sintra’s natural landscape and beautiful palaces. Ryan and I were especially impressed by the incredible aerial views from the Moorish Castle and the enchanting beauty of Pena National Palace. After a day of extensive walking, we are completely beat (Ryan even fell asleep on me during our train ride back to Lisbon this evening).

(Aerial view of Sintra from the Moorish Castle)


(Sintra’s historic city center)


(Moorish Castle – 9th century)


(Regaleria Palace and Gardens)


(Pena National Palace)


(A local delicacy, almond flavored “pillow” pastries)