Day 297 – Selcuk, Turkey

Our original plan for today was to take a day trip to Pamukkale. However when we found out that there was no direct bus and that we would have to spend 7 hours out of our day in transit (round trip) we decided against it. Instead, we opted to continue exploring Selcuk. First we visited the Ephesus Museum where we saw many precious artifacts which were excavated in this region (the Artemis of Ephesus statue was especially fascinating). Next we proceeded to visit St. John’s Church. According to religious scholars, this basilica structure was built on the grave of John the Evangelist. After enjoying some fabulous views from Ayasulug Hill, we headed to the beautiful Isa Bey Mosque to see it up close and personal.

(The Artemis of Ephesus at the Ephesus Museum)


(St. John’s Church)

IMG_0690IMG_0699IMG_0700IMG_0701IMG_0706St. John’s graveIMG_0705IMG_0709IMG_0710

(Ayasuluk Fort)


(Isa Bey Mosque – 14th century)


(Various scenes from Selcuk)




(Turkey is one of the leading manufacturers of rose water)



2 Responses to “Day 297 – Selcuk, Turkey”

  1. Amazing pix! Your posts are interesting!

    Happy Halloween!

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