Day 295 – In transit to Turkey

After checking out of our hotel at noon, we had four hours to kill prior to our ferry ride to Turkey. We decided to spend a couple of those hours online to get caught up on our digital lives. With the remainder of the time we grabbed a bite to eat and sat on a park bench admiring the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. At 4:00pm we hopped on our ferry and an hour and a half later we had arrived in Kusadasi, Turkey. Once in Kusadasi, we walked over to the bus stop and hopped on a mini-bus (dolmus) to Selcuk. Our initial impressions of Turkey are amazing. The locals are extremely friendly, honest, and helpful. We really appreciated their assistance today in finding the bus stop and our hotel in Selcuk.

(Various scenes from Samos)


(View of Samos from the ferry as we departed)


(Kusadasi, Turkey)



2 Responses to “Day 295 – In transit to Turkey”

  1. The blue of the ocean looks enhanced! Sorry you have to leave such a beautiful area!

    How crowded is the city in Turkey in comparison to other places you’ve already experienced?

    • Thanks aunt Jan… the water is so blue and beautiful. You can just admire it all day long.

      Right now we’re in Selcuk and it does not seem too crowded. India and China both win the award for the “most crowded” countries we’ve traveled to 🙂

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