Day 292 – Athens, Greece

After checking out of our hotel at noon, we put our bags in storage and went out to enjoy our last day in Athens. I am happy to report that public transportation is back in full operation today. This afternoon we visited the Greek ruins of Kerameikos. Kerameikos was the official cemetery of ancient Athens (dating back to the Prehistoric period). Next to the Kerameikos archaeological site is a wonderful museum which houses an incredible collection of tombstones, vases, grave offerings, jewelry, pottery, and many other interesting artifacts. It was fascinating to see this collection and to learn about ancient funerary rituals. Tonight we are hopping on an overnight ferry to a beautiful Greek island called Samos.



(Museum of Kerameikos)





4 Responses to “Day 292 – Athens, Greece”

  1. Very interesting and quite different from the Egyptian relics! Glad you could snap some pix there!

  2. vernon &evelyn jack Says:

    your in trouble—-you will have to spend the next year explaining all the pictures you took. they are simply great. Many thanks agiain.

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