Day 291 – Athens, Greece

As we were leaving our hotel this afternoon, we were informed by our receptionist that all public transportation was shut down for the day due to strikes. So taking the metro anywhere today was not an option. Fortunately our hotel is within walking distance to all of the major tourist attractions so we were able to continue our day as planned. We took a LONG walk to the New Acropolis Museum and spent many hours there. The museum is incredible! It is extremely well curated and it houses an amazing collection of ancient Greek statues and artifacts (including original pieces of the Parthenon). I wish I had pictures of the exhibits to share but photography was strictly forbidden.

(Public transportation strike in Ethnikis Andistassis Square)


(Central Market)


(Local churches we passed by on our way to the museum)


(Ancient Greek ruins in Plaka)


(Shops in Plaka)


(New Acropolis Museum)



4 Responses to “Day 291 – Athens, Greece”

  1. According to our Greek friends who run a restaurant here, most of the strikes in Greece, whether transportation or other-related, are due to the fact that many employees have had to work without pay for up to one year. Greece’s economy is definitely in the sewer with no end in the immediate grasp.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the museum!

    • Thanks aunt Jan…

      Wow… that’s definitely unjust. I can understand the workers’ sentiments given the current economic situation here in Greece.

  2. I was in Athens in September but was lucky and missed the strikes. I like your photographs – I.m not sure I understand the ban on photography at the museum!

    • Hi Andrew… you were lucky indeed. It seems like there is a strike of some sorts daily nowadays. I’m so glad you are enjoying my photos. Thanks for following along 🙂

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