Day 289 – Athens, Greece

Rested and rejuvenated, we began our sightseeing of Athens today by first visiting the Acropolis. It was incredible to see ruins dating back to the mid-5th century BC. The Parthenon, a temple dedicated to Athena, was especially impressive given its sheer size and elevated location. After spending an extensive amount of time admiring Greek ruins, we went on to explore other areas of Athens. Plaka, which is the old part of the city, was very charming. Although there are some delightful parts of Athens, a great majority of the city is very run down (dirty and graffiti infested).



(Aerial views of Athens from Acropolis Hill)




(Various scenes from Athens)


(Lunch on the go… so yummy!)





2 Responses to “Day 289 – Athens, Greece”

  1. The Parthenon is incredible! Thanks!

    You won’t go hungry in Greece, will you?

    • It is… the site is VERY impressive.

      I absolutely love Greek food so I’ve been in heaven lately on the culinary scene. I definitely won’t be going hungry in Greece 🙂

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