Day 288 – Athens, Greece

This morning we parted with Italy and hopped on a redeye flight to Athens, Greece. Our Easyjet flight was short and very comfortable. As we flew over Greece, we were treated to some amazing views! I had no idea that Greece’s landscape would be so picturesque. Upon arriving in Athens, we hopped on a bus and then on a metro which took us to our hotel. Since we were completely exhausted from our travels yesterday, once we checked into our hotel we hit the sack to get some sleep. Later we went out for dinner to a delicious Greek restaurant. Due to our zombie state, we did not do much sightseeing today. We’ll be exploring the city of Athens tomorrow.

(Aerial views as we flew over Greece)


(Parliament Building)


(Sindagma Square)


(Greek salad… my favorite!)



2 Responses to “Day 288 – Athens, Greece”

  1. We’re looking forward to your pix of Greece! The salad looks great!

    To fund the last 2.5 months, you could do some contract computer work! LOL

    • LOL… given the internet connectivity issues we’ve been experiencing all over the world (even in Europe), it would be hard to work remotely.

      Pictures of Athens Greece are coming shortly… 🙂

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