Day 286 – Amalfi Coast, Italy

Today we took an incredible scenic bus ride along the Amalfi Coast. We purchased all day bus tickets so that we could hop on and hop off in towns along the route. The two towns we chose to visit and explore were Amalfi and the picturesque Positano. Although the weather was a bit overcast today, we still enjoyed some magnificent views. The Amalfi Coast is absolutely gorgeous!  The pictures below do not do it justice.





(Views of the Amalfi Coast during our bus ride)



9 Responses to “Day 286 – Amalfi Coast, Italy”

  1. Awesome! These towns seem to hang on the side of the massive hills! No wonder Italians have good health–wine, olive oil, and plenty of exercise to get from Point A to Point B!

  2. The Amalfi coast is so beautiful. I enjoyed your photos.It brought back good memories.

  3. Jerry de Concilio Says:

    The Amalfi coast change during the Autumn… the silence on the roads and the different colors . Great set.

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