Day 283 – Naples, Italy

This morning we said “ciao” to Rome and hopped on a train to Naples. Upon arriving in Naples, we quickly dropped off our bags and began our sightseeing. Per the recommendation of the tourist office, we first visited the beautiful Duomo and then proceeded to walk through the Old City. Naples is extremely rustic. It is definitely in need of some major TLC. There are many parts of the city which are nice but for the most part Naples is like Marseille (graffiti infested, dirty, and very run down).

(Cattedrale San Gennaro – Duomo)


(Castel Nuovo)


(Piazza Plebiscito)


(The Old City)


(Piazza Dante)


(Various scenes from Naples)


(Lunch – Naples has the best pizza in Italy)



4 Responses to “Day 283 – Naples, Italy”

  1. Despite the TLC that Naples may need, your pix are wonderful. The pizza looks delicious–one of my favorite foods! (Served with Pepsi, of course!)

  2. Jerry de Concilio Says:

    we are working on bike sightseeing in resticted traffic zones of Naples. Probably this is one of most beautiful cities of the world with and without his problems.

    • I think Naples has A LOT of potential. The Old City is truly special. What Naples needs is some TLC (clean up and restoration). Despite its condition, I really enjoyed seeing it. A bike sightseeing program sounds great…

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