Day 280 – Rome, Italy

Early this morning we said goodbye to Florence and hopped on a “snail” train to Rome. Although the journey took us almost four hours, taking the slower train was well worth the savings (the high speed train would have cost us three times as much). Upon arriving in Rome, we dropped off our bags at the Bed & Breakfast we are staying at and we quickly began exploring the city. There is so just so much to see in Rome! I’m so glad we’ve allocated three days here.



(Palatino – ruins of old Rome)


(Foro Romano – ruins of old Rome)


(Santa Maria Maggiore)


(Michelangelo’s Moses sculpture in San Pietro in Vincoli)


(Ruins of an old villa in Piazza Vittorio)


(Santa Maria in Cosmedin)


(Various scenes from Rome)



6 Responses to “Day 280 – Rome, Italy”

  1. Simply amazing that anything is left after so long a time…

  2. How’s the Pepsi supply in Rome?

  3. vernon &evelyn jack Says:

    fall is here. about 40 degrees this morn. How is temperature there? We miss 70 degree weather already.

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