Day 279 – Siena, Italy

Today we took a day trip to Siena, an Italian city about which we have heard so many wonderful things. The train ride from Florence to Siena took about an hour and a half (not too bad). Upon arriving at Siena’s train station, we relied on the kindness of locals to guide us towards the city center where the tourist office is located (there was absolutely no information at the station). After we found the tourist office and purchased a map, we began our exploration. Siena exudes the essence of Italy. Built on Tuscany’s picturesque rolling hills, the city is absolutely charming with its rustic beauty. We had a wonderful time visiting many churches (including the magnificent Duomo) and wandering down Siena’s narrow roads.

(Siena’s city center from a distance)




(Torre del Mangia – part of the Palazzo Pubblico)


(Piazza del Campo)


(Various scenes from Siena)



2 Responses to “Day 279 – Siena, Italy”

  1. Picturesque! Perhaps you could transplant that window into your condo! I’m sure the neighbors would love it! LOL

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