Day 274 – Milan, Italy

Today we explored the fashion capital of Europe, Milan. Although we’ve been told by fellow Italian travelers that Milan is nothing special, Ryan and I were pleasantly surprised to the contrary. The Duomo cathedral is spectacular! This beautiful marble structure alone is worth a visit to Milan (I’m so glad we included it in our itinerary). We had a wonderful time today sightseeing Milan’s many attractions.



(Galleria Vittorio Emanuele)


(Teatro alla Scala)


(Castello Sforzesco)


(Arco della Pace)


(Various scenes from Milan)


(Chiesa di San Fedele)





2 Responses to “Day 274 – Milan, Italy”

  1. The cathedral is, indeed, spectacular! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of the detail work. It definitely gets the WOW award!

    The fruit and gelato look delicious!

    • Thanks aunt Jan… the Milan Duomo has over 3,200 statues! Its detail is very impressive.

      The gelato in Italy is the BEST! Only in Miami is gelato this good.

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