Day 271 – Geneva, Switzerland

This morning we said goodbye to hilly Lausanne and hopped on a train heading to Geneva, our last destination in Switzerland. Although we had quite an adventure getting to our hotel (which is technically located in France on the outskirts of Geneva), with the help of a kind stranger we finally made it there. After quickly checking in and dropping off our bags, we hopped on a local bus which took us to Geneva’s city center where we took the tourist office recommended walking tour of the city. St. Peter’s Cathedral was especially interesting due to its multifaceted external architecture.

(St. Peter’s Cathedral)


(The birthplace of Rousseau)


(Various scenes from Geneva)


(Reformation Wall)


(Palais Eynard)


(Parc des Universite)





2 Responses to “Day 271 – Geneva, Switzerland”

  1. Thanks for the pic of Rousseau’s birthplace! I had the pleasure of studying some of his works.

    Will you have a chance to at least drive by the League of Nations? It’s quite impressive.

    Near the end of your pix, it looks as if you and Ryan have been immortalized in Geneva! Just kidding! LOL

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