Day 269 – Bern, Switzerland

What an eventful start to our day this morning. Awaking to the sounds of loud drills at 7am (thank you hotel IBIS in Kriens), the morning continued to progress in a similar offbeat fashion. After overpaying for a faster train to Bern, we found out that our train was cancelled due to technical problems with the track (so we had to wait at the station for an hour and then hop on the slower train). Although we arrived in Bern an hour and a half behind schedule, we were happy to learn that the city is small enough to explore in a few hours. Since we only had a day in Bern, we quickly dropped off our bags and began our walking tour of this very nice Swiss city.

(Various scenes from Bern)




(Church of St. Peter and Paul)


(Munster of Bern)


(Bear Park)


(Parliament Building)


(Einstein’s House)





2 Responses to “Day 269 – Bern, Switzerland”

  1. Nice pix! When you return to Itally, there may be a bit of anti-American sentiment in places because of Amanda Knox’s being set free. In the meantime, continue to enjoy your trip!

    • Thanks aunt Jan… I think the Italians are pretty tired of hearing about the case so I hope we won’t encounter any anti-American sentiments 🙂

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