Day 268 – Kriens, Switzerland (Pilatus)

We had the most incredible time this afternoon. After paying an exorbitant amount of money for a cable car ride up to the top of Pilatus, we spent the day on the peak of this gorgeous mountain. The views of the Alps from Pilatus were magnificent. We had an amazing time hiking various trails to different lookout points (where we admired the spectacular scenery and the local wildlife). Today was the first day we finally felt like we were in Switzerland.


(A local church in Kriens)


(Autumn is on its way…)



8 Responses to “Day 268 – Kriens, Switzerland (Pilatus)”

  1. The price of admission is sometimes worth it, right? Awesome pix, especially the one of both of you and looking through the rock archway! The Alps are spectacular!

  2. Looking good! Thanks for the post card from Heidelberg. Stay safe and see you soon

  3. Great pictures!

  4. vernon &evelyn jack Says:

    .Thot of ryan yesterday as I ate a piece of bacon wrapped chicken at chinese place . Didn’t know switzerland had so many mountains

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