Day 266 – Zurich, Switzerland

We continued to explore Zurich this afternoon. Although we have seen most of Zurich’s city center during our walking tour yesterday, we decided to revisit the old part of town to enjoy its narrow streets and to see what else we could discover. One such discovery was a beautiful secluded garden next to what sounded like a music school. After lounging around on a park bench enjoying some sunshine in the garden, we hiked uphill to see the campus of the University of Zurich. A couple of the school’s cafeterias had wonderful views of Zurich. We headed back to the hotel earlier than usual so that I could SKYPE with my childhood best friend who is getting married today.  Congratulations Margie on your big day!

(Various scenes from Zurich)


(University of Zurich)





4 Responses to “Day 266 – Zurich, Switzerland”

  1. Our university cafeteria never looked like that one! LOL

    I hope you get an opportunity to visit Lucerne, as it is beautiful. It’s quite a bit smaller than Zurich, but it’s absolutely charming. Just outside of Lucerne is Griswil, where one can hear the goats’ bells every morning, as the goats meander the mountainside. Keep enjoying your trip!

  2. Thanks Jola! It was so pretty-I’m glad I got to see and talk to you! Love you lots!

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