Day 265 – Zurich, Switzerland

We spent a lot of time on our feet this afternoon as we explored Zurich. Following the walking tour outlined in our free tourist map, we strolled through many parts of Zurich’s city center. Along our tour, we peeked into several churches and took a relaxing break overlooking the Zurich See. Zurich’s Limmet River is absolutely pristine. Ryan and I especially enjoyed admiring the many gorgeous swans swimming on the river.

(Various scenes from Zurich)





2 Responses to “Day 265 – Zurich, Switzerland”

  1. Are you going to the Film Festival? The sign says that tickets are still available. Zurich is a pretty town, isn’t it? When I was there eons ago, I was surprised at the open use of drugs and the free needles that were supplied, so people didn’t get infections or HIV from used needles.

    • Unfortunately we won’t have the time to see any of the featured films but I did read a synopsis of many of them and would love to see “Buck” (a documentary about the guy who was the inspiration for the movie Horse Whisperer).
      Fortunately Ryan and I have not seen any open drug use here but I do believe you as I recall a similar scene during my travels to Scandinavia several years ago.
      Zurich is ok… we have not fallen in love with it. Maybe if we were able to see the Alps in the background it would leave a better impression (but we can’t due to the haze in the distance).

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