Day 257 – Cologne, Germany

We continued to explore Cologne this afternoon. Although we very rarely visit a landmark twice, we could not help but be drawn into the Cologne Cathedral for a second look. The Cathedral’s high ceilings are absolutely marvelous. One can easily spend hours inside such an amazing structure admiring its magnificence. Ryan and I even crossed the Hohenzollernbrucke (bridge) to get a view of the Cathedral from across the river.

(Cologne Cathedral)




(St. Aposteln)


(Ongoing excavation of Roman houses dating back to the 1st Century)


(Various scenes from Cologne)





4 Responses to “Day 257 – Cologne, Germany”

  1. Amazing!!! I miss you yo! At least there is something to lOok forward to about winter 🙂

  2. I’m glad you went back to the cathedral. It is amazing!

    We often forget that years ago, villages, towns, cities, etc., built on top of the ruins. Digging them out now is a lot of work!

    Was the last pic a wayward bakery??? LOL

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