Day 256 – Cologne, Germany

This morning we said goodbye to beautiful Luxembourg City and hopped on a train heading to Cologne, Germany. To our surprise, the scenery along our four hour train ride was spectacular! I especially enjoyed seeing the steep slopes of the Mosel region which produces my favorite type of wine (the deliciously sweet German Riesling). Upon arriving in Cologne, we dropped off our bags and quickly began exploring the city. The crown jewel of Cologne is the absolutely stunning Cathedral. The pictures below DO NOT do it justice. It is ENORMOUS and one can’t help but feel humbled standing next to it.

(Some scenery during our train ride)


(Cologne Cathedral)


(St. Maria In Lyskirchen)


(Various scenes from Cologne)




(GroB St. Martin)


(Town Hall)


(Museum of the City of Cologne)


(St. Gereon)







2 Responses to “Day 256 – Cologne, Germany”

  1. Wonderful memories noch einmal (once again)! You’re right; the cathedral is stunning in its majesty, and there’s no way to portray that feeling of awe.

    Great door knob!

    When I rode the train from France to Germany, I saw the champagne country, so added to the Mosel region, I pretended to sample all the wines along the way!

    • Thanks aunt Jan… we were so impressed with the Cathedral yesterday that we went back today for a second look. It is truly magnificent!
      I’m so glad you had the chance to see France’s and Germany’s wine country. As we were passing by the various vineyards in Mosel, Ryan wrote down several vineyard names so that we can sample some of their wines when we get home.

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