Day 253 – Brussels, Belgium

We spent our last full day in Belgium by continuing to explore Brussels. This afternoon we stumbled upon the wonderful Folklorissimo Festival which runs all weekend. Due to the festival, the entire city center is buzzing with music, dancing, and parade marches. Apparently we picked the perfect time to visit Brussels. Ryan and I especially enjoyed the delicious food options offered by numerous vendors that had tents set up all over beautiful Grote Markt (it was the perfect ambiance to a lovely celebration of culture).

(Eglise Notre Dame Au Sablon)


(A beautiful church on Boulevard Anspach)


(Eglise Notre Dame De La Chapelle)


(Folklorissimo festival in and around Grote Markt)


(Manneken Pis)


(European Union Parliament)


(Belgium chocolate… the finest in the world)


(Various scenes from Brussels)



2 Responses to “Day 253 – Brussels, Belgium”

  1. What fun! I’m glad that you got to experience a local festival. Did the guys pass out oranges or throw them at various people? LOL

    I picked a chocolate out of the box; it was delicious! LOL

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