Day 250 – Antwerp, Belgium

This morning we said farewell to the Netherlands and hopped on a bus to Belgium. Our two and a half hour journey zipped by fairly quickly (before we knew it, we had arrived in Antwerp). After checking into our hotel and dropping off our bags, we began our sightseeing. In our usual fashion, we charted along the walking tour outlined in our guidebook. From what little time I have spent in Belgium thus far, I am completely in love with its sweet tooth culture. There are gourmet chocolate shops EVERYWHERE and countless vendors sell delicious Belgian waffles served with sweet cream and berries. Antwerp seems like a lovely city. Ryan and I were particularly impressed with Antwerp’s train station. We both agreed that is it probably one of the most beautiful train stations in Europe.

(Various scenes from Antwerp)


(Sint-Carolus Borromeuskerk)








(Antwerp’s gorgeous train station)



2 Responses to “Day 250 – Antwerp, Belgium”

  1. Great pix! Enjoy the fabulous chocolates and lace!

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