Day 248 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

This morning we said goodbye to charming Den Haag and hopped on a local train heading for Amsterdam. After we checked into our hotel and dropped off our bags, we began exploring Amsterdam’s city center. During the first two hours of our sightseeing, we had the most miserable weather (it was cold, windy, and rainy). As the day progressed, the gloomy clouds disappeared and the sun came out. The unpredictable and sudden change in weather patterns reminded us of London. Amsterdam feels like a VERY active metropolis. In addition to the thousands of bikes (stationary and mobile) in the city, the roads are bursting with trams, buses, taxis, cars, and mopeds. The city feels a bit chaotic in the main areas, but once you get off the beaten path Amsterdam’s charms come alive. I really enjoyed seeing the city’s wonderful network of canals and the beautiful narrow houses which line them.

(Various scenes from Amsterdam)




(St. Nicolaaskerk)


(Magna Plaza shopping center)


(DAM Square)


(The Royal Palace in DAM Square)


(Anne Frank’s House – Anne’s hiding place during the war)


(Amsterdam Central train station)


(Evidence of Amsterdam’s bike culture)



2 Responses to “Day 248 – Amsterdam, Netherlands”

  1. Don’t let Ryan do too much “window shopping!!!”

    Will you have time to tour the Heineken’s factory?

    At the Marriott hotel, there used to be a really small cafe area, which served the most delicious hot fudge sundae! The cafe was accessible from the outside sidewalk or from inside the hotel.

    • Hi aunt Jan… Ryan is not allowed to do ANY window shopping here… LOL 🙂
      Unfortunately we did not have enough time to visit the Heineken’s factory. The café you mention sounds yummy… since we’re leaving tomorrow morning, we’ll just have to try it next time…

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