Day 232 – Raciborz, Poland

After feasting on an amazing Polish brunch, today Ryan and I roamed Raciborz with my cousin Alinka and Szymek. We began our day with legendary iced coffees from Kawiarnia Piotrus (which consist of homemade ice cream, coffee, and melted chocolate). Throughout the day we visited several historic city landmarks. Although Raciborz is a small city, it is a place that is very near and dear to my heart. I attended third grade in Raciborz and have many wonderful childhood memories from the time I spent here.

(Kids cooling off in the summer heat – city centrum)


(The best iced coffee in the WORLD… )


(The only remaining piece of Raciborz’s city fortification…15th century)


(Raciborz Castle – currently under renovation, an EU project)


(Various scenes from Raciborz)


(Odra River)



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