Day 228 – Budapest, Hungary

Ryan and I did a TON of walking this afternoon while exploring Budapest. Under the scorching sun, we crossed the beautiful Szechenyi Chain Bridge to see the Parlament building up close and personal (what a remarkable structure!). We continued wandering throughout this interesting city for over five hours. On the way back to our hotel we rode on the historic Line 1 (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) which is the second oldest metro in the world. Line 1 was originally drawn by horses and was created to transport people from the city to the City Park for the Big Bash in 1896. Quote of the day: “I’ve never ridden on a World Heritage Site before”. That’s my comedian husband for you…

(Szechenyi Chain Bridge)




(St. Stephen’s Basilica)


(Dohany Synagogue – the largest synagogue in Europe)


(Magyar Allami Operahaz)


(Hero’s Square)


(Views of Castle Hill from across the Danube River)


(Various scenes from Budapest)


(“Art on Lake” in the City Park)





2 Responses to “Day 228 – Budapest, Hungary”

  1. Beautiful sites!

    Funny husband!

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