Day 224 – Vienna, Austria

This morning we said goodbye to beautiful Salzburg and hopped on a train to Vienna. Our three hour train ride zipped by very quickly as we passed by many charming Austrian villages built on beautiful rolling hills. Upon arriving in Vienna, we dropped off our bags at our hotel and began exploring this majestic European city. Stephansdom, located in the center of the city, is a real jewel. This cathedral has one of the most impressive roofs I have ever seen on a religious structure (the interior is also quite striking). From what we have seen today, Vienna seems to give off an aura of grandeur (not quite on the same scale as Paris but pretty close).

(Stephansdom – 12th century)


(St. Peter’s Church)


(Hofburg Palace complex)


(Various scenes from Vienna)





2 Responses to “Day 224 – Vienna, Austria”

  1. As you’re seeing, Vienna does have a rich history. The opera house is spectacular, too. There is a New Year’s concert every year, for which tickets are usually sold out about 4 or 5 years in advance.

    • Yes, Vienna is a wonderful city. I think Josey will really enjoy going to school here.

      Wow… given such an advance wait on tickets, the concert must be splendid!

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