Day 222 – Salzburg, Austria

Today we explored Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. In our typical fashion, we took a walking tour of the city center. Over the course of the day we visited numerous churches, plazas, and took refuge in the shade while listening to “the sound of music” (there are many wonderful street musicians here). Salzburg is a lovely city. The people are extremely friendly, the streets are impeccably clean, and the buildings are very well maintained.



IMG_5611IMG_5602side viewIMG_5613IMG_5615IMG_5616

(Mozart’s Birthplace & A statue of Mozart in Mozartplatz)

IMG_5592IMG_5599 - Copy

(Various scenes from Salzburg)





2 Responses to “Day 222 – Salzburg, Austria”

  1. So, the hills are really alive with the sound of music!!! LOL

    Mozart is one of my favorites!

    Wonderful pix, especially with the mtns in the background.

    • LOL… thanks aunt Jan.

      If you love Mozart then you would LOVE Salzburg. Everything here is themed after its most famous citizen and there are numerous daily concerts (we attended one this afternoon and it was lovely).

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