Day 219 – Venice, Italy

This morning we departed Verona by train and headed towards Venice. After checking into our hotel and dropping off our bags, we took a bus to Venice’s city center where we began our walking tour of this historic metropolis (dating back to 421 AD). Venice is simply AMAZING! It is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Built on a lagoon, Venice is an incredibly romantic place with its maze like narrow roads and intersecting canals. One can’t help but immediately fall in love with it.

(Various scenes from Venice)





4 Responses to “Day 219 – Venice, Italy”

  1. Are you going to cross paths with Sarah and Mike while you’re all in Italy?

    • Hi Todd… unfortunately we won’t get the chance to cross paths as we are only passing through Northern Italy on our way to Poland (Sarah and Mike are currently in Siena – way south of us). We will be returning to Italy at a later time to fully explore this amazing country.

  2. Venice definitely looks like fun! I think I see remnants on some buildings of the flood they had a few years ago. I hope that the water and canals don’t smell, as they did in India! LOL

    I see that Ryan found a razor! LOL

    • LOL… yes Ryan “occasionally” shaves off his beard 🙂

      Venice is definitely showing its age. No, it did not smell (not any more than any other European city).

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