Day 214 – Nice, France

This afternoon we said goodbye to Marseille and hopped on a train to Nice. Our three hour train ride was quite scenic as we made our way through the French Riviera. Upon arriving, we took a bus to our hotel to drop off our bags. After checking in, we took a bus back to the city center to begin our “exploration”. Nice is AMAZING! It is my second favorite city in France (after Paris). Nice is incredibly tranquil, colorful, and charismatic (while Paris is very grand, regal, and uniform). I absolutely love the narrow streets in Nice’s city center and the beautiful Mediterranean coastline at the heart of the city.

(City Center)


(Aerial views of Nice)


(Nice’s beautiful beaches)


(Place Massena)





2 Responses to “Day 214 – Nice, France”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    Don wants to spend a month in Nice sometime in the future, preferably during the winter. One problem with the beach: Everyone looked to be dressed!!! LOL

    • LOL indeed… 🙂

      A month in Nice sounds fabulous! It truly is a wonderful city (great weather, gorgeous sea, and charm all around). I think you and uncle Don would REALLY enjoy it here.

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