Day 210 – Avignon, France (“City of Popes”)

The climate in southern France is fabulous. As we stepped off the train in Avignon last night, we were immediately greeted by a warm tropical breeze. This afternoon we took a walking tour of beautiful Avignon. Avignon, a UNESCO World Heritage site, was the seat of the Papacy for almost 80 years (instead of Rome). We had a wonderful time exploring and learning about Avignon’s rich history.

(Temple Saint Martial & Musee Lapidaire)


(Palais des Papas)


(Cathedral Notre Dame des Doms)


(Rhone River)


(Pont Saint-Benezet – 1171 AD)


(Various scenes from Avignon)

IMG_4896IMG_4897IMG_4899City WallsIMG_4850IMG_4851IMG_4861IMG_4895


4 Responses to “Day 210 – Avignon, France (“City of Popes”)”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    There is a song, “Sur le Pont d’Avignon,” which is performed at some festivals. (On the Bridge of Avignon, people dance, all in a circle…) Ryan looks right at home! LOL I can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • Wow, very nice… the Pont Saint-Benezet bridge is a pretty special part of Avignon. It is one of the main attractions.

      LOL… all Ryan is missing is a cold Pepsi here in France (a predominately Coke country).

  2. I did not do France justice when I was there apparently…I haven’t even heard of some of these towns…glad you guys are covering so much!

    • Thanks Dori… there’s always next time. We’ll have to revisit France together in the future where we’ll definitely go off the beaten path more… 🙂

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