Day 208 – Omaha Beach & Mont Saint Michel, France

We continued to explore beautiful Normandy today. In the early afternoon we visited the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach (one of the five beaches which served as a landing point for the D-Day invasion). Ryan and I learned so much from the exhibit featured at the visitors center. The exhibit is an outstanding tribute to the brave men and women who lost their lives in WWII. We were truly moved by the exhibit and this historic site. After dipping our toes in the cold but calm ocean waters of Omaha Beach, we headed to our next destination, Mont Saint Michel. Our drive to Mont Saint Michel took us through some charming French villages. The site of Mont Saint Michel is simply stunning. As we saw it from a distance, our jaws dropped with awe. We had a wonderful time touring this beautiful monastery.

(American Cemetery at Omaha Beach)


(Abbaye Du Mont Saint Michel)



2 Responses to “Day 208 – Omaha Beach & Mont Saint Michel, France”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    I’m so glad that you visited Omaha Beach and Mont St. Michel. They are a couple of my favorite sites in Normandy. If you have time, try to visit a vineyard anywhere in France. The wine tasting is awesome! Enjoy!

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