Day 207 – Rouen & Trouville, France

This afternoon we rented a car and departed Paris heading for Normandy. First we visited Rouen, home to the Cathedrale Notre Dame and Abbatiale St-Ouen (both are magnificent!). Rouen is absolutely charming with its abundant half-timber buildings. Next we drove to Trouville to experience France’s beach culture. We enjoyed a long walk on the beach and had fun exploring Trouville’s loveliness.


(Abbatiale St-Ouen)


(Various scenes from Rouen)


(Cathedrale Notre Dame)





2 Responses to “Day 207 – Rouen & Trouville, France”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    Isn’t it interesting to see the cathedrals, after having visited Notre Dame de Paris? Thanks for the pic of Jeanne d’Arc’s stake spot; I was on a bus many years ago and saw Rouen only from a window, so I appreciate seeing it up close and personal!

    Trouville looks like fun! The other major beach area in the northwest is Deauville. Will you have time to visit any of the WWII areas, i.e. the beaches of Normandy?

    • Hi aunt Jan… we actually did drive by Deauville and it also looked quite charming. Yes, yesterday we visited the American Cemetery at Omaha beach which was very moving…

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