Day 205 – Paris, France

Paris is delightful! I am officially ready to rank it as my second favorite city in Europe (Prague is still my #1). Today we walked and walked and walked. We began the day by visiting the Sacre Coeur area, home to the Moulin Rouge and many other risqué businesses. Later we continued our walking tour through Paris which took us to the St. Germain Des-pres area and the Marais district. Paris is extremely charming with its café culture and artistic vibe.

(Sacre Coeur area)

Moulin Rouge


(Place Ven Dome)


(St. Germain Des-pres)




(Saint Paul Saint Louis Church)


(The Bastille monument)


(Opera Bastille)


(The best tea and crepes in the world…)


(Various scenes from Paris)



2 Responses to “Day 205 – Paris, France”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    As you walk around Paris, notice some of the door knobs. You will find different sizes, shapes, etc. One of the major department stores in Paris is Galleries Lafayette. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s worth a look, especially the dome area. (Tell Ryan they have restrooms there!) If you go to Rue Royale, you’ll find the upscale shops–Waterford, Baccarat, etc. It’s fun to look, but too expensive to buy! Another less expensive department store is Au Printemps. The department stores, as well as the small perfume shops will give you samples, which are wonderful!!! Will you have time to visit Versailles or any of the castles in the Loire River Valley?

    • Thank you aunt Jan… these are awesome suggestions. This evening we visited Galleries Lafayette and the dome was gorgeous indeed! We spent the day roaming the beautiful gardens of Versailles.

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