Day 204 – Paris, France

Another amazing day in Paris! Today we continued to explore this opulently gorgeous city. As we visited many stunning buildings and attractions (riverside, parks, museums, etc.) we discovered a common theme… Paris is incredibly beautiful. There are plenty of open spaces to linger in and leisurely enjoy the day. A highlight of the day was visiting the Norte Dame Cathedral which was absolutely spectacular. The pictures below do not do it justice.

(Place de la Concorde)

Louqsor Obelisk – 1300 BC


(Jardin des Tuileries)


(The Louvre)


(Notre Dame)


(Seine River)


(Luxembourg Gardens)


(Various Scenes from Paris)

IMG_4451IMG_4484IMG_4486IMG_4492IMG_4493IMG_4494IMG_4502IMG_4503IMG_4504Opera National de Paris


4 Responses to “Day 204 – Paris, France”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    You and Ryan will have to return to Paris some day, so you can enjoy more of its charm! On certain days of the week, museum prices are reduces, etc., but I know you don’t have the time now to do everything! Bonne journee!

  2. The riverfront beach wasn’t there when we visited. Is that something they do every year?

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