Day 197 – Avebury / Stonehenge / Salisbury, England

After renting a car this afternoon, we departed London and headed for the countryside. England is beautiful with its rolling hills and delightful scenery. We had the most incredible time visiting the very historic and mysterious Stonehenge (which dates back to 3000 BC). It was amazing to ponder and learn about the purpose of this old stone monument.



(Avebury – The Stone Circle)





4 Responses to “Day 197 – Avebury / Stonehenge / Salisbury, England”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    I’m glad that you made it to Stonehenge. It’s one of my favorite spots, probably because of the mystery surrounding the area. Good pix!

  2. Charles Says:

    Wow! So jealous!

    Miss you so much!

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