Day 186 – Dublin, Ireland

We were planning on taking a daytrip to Belfast today but given the recent riots there, we decided to scrap that idea. Instead of visiting Belfast, we spent the day enjoying Dublin. Today was a beautiful day filled with lots of sunshine. In the late afternoon, we dropped by the Dublin Business School where we paid a visit to Gerry, a colleague of mine from Kaplan. It was so wonderful catching up with Gerry in his home country. It’s always a treat to encounter a familiar face during our travels.

(Irish Parliament – now a bank)


(Dame Street)


(St. Therese’s and St. Anne’s)





4 Responses to “Day 186 – Dublin, Ireland”

  1. That name doesn’t ring a bell. What department did he used to work in?

    • Gerry has always worked in Dublin so you may not know him Montie. We met in New York at KLA (Kaplan Leadership Academy) as part of Kaplan’s executive training program.

  2. Aunt Jan Says:

    Perhaps you’ll have time to visit the Waterford factory! However, I don’t know if there are tours. Don’t forget to kiss the Blarney Stone!

    • Thanks aunt Jan… unfortunately we won’t get the chance to visit Waterford or the Blarney Stone… there is just not enough time 😦 A year is too short to see it all…

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